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Party Games

If you're having a party, why not add some games to make it more entertaining and bring the halloween atmosphere alive! The games featured on our website have been played by children and adults for generations and are still widely played today. If you know of a game that is not listed, please contact us to let us know and we will add them.

Fancy Dress Costumes

Going trick or treating?? Or having a halloween party?? If you are then get even more in the halloween spirit by dressing up with something more than just makeup, get your self a fantastic looking scary costume. These are available both on and offline and can really make your night one to remember. If you're buying online, don't leave it too late!

Halloween can be fun, but be aware of the dangers!

While the Halloween festivities should be a time for fun and enjoyment, there are hidden dangers lurking that are potential hazards for children, and whilst these may not seem instantly apparent, here are a few to keep an out for an ensure this Halloween doesn't end up with a trip to A&E.

A major part of the celebrations is the costumes, and while it may seem like sense, all parents must ensure that any costume is flame retardant. While this is a standard precaution, if there are any flames involved in the dressing up, such as candles in the lanterns etc., it is vital that you make sure the costumes are of good quality and carry the flame retardant logo. It is always better to err on the side of caution where fire is concerned.

Speaking of lanterns, kids love to get involved in the carving of these traditional accessories, yet children and knives are not a good mix. Get them involved by all means, by letting them draw on the pumpkin how they want it carved, but make sure they know that you will be doing all the cutting. This is a precaution that shouldn't need spelling out but the amount of children at hospital with cuts says differently.

Getting treats on Halloween is one of the best parts, but it is in your best interests to check over any sweets before they are eaten. If your child has a nut allergy for example it could be easy for them to eat a chocolate covered peanut without you realising, so check their booty. There has been stuff in the media in recent years about sweets being doctored by people 'for a laugh', so if anything looks as if it has been tampered with or re-wrapped, bin it.

Never let your children go trick or treating unsupervised. Even if there is a large group of them kids are notorious for arguing about nothing and falling out, and if this happens while out and about a child could find themselves alone in the dark. A responsible adult should always accompany a group of trick or treaters, and only go out with a small group so it is easy to do a head count and make sure you have all your flock with you at all times.

Article Courtesy of www.kidszine.co.uk

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